Bi-Folding Doors

A contemporary style of door which absolutely maximises the opening space available, bi-folding doors are a modern alternative to both sliding patio and french doors. Perfect for new extensions, as key features on a conservatory or even as an internal room divider, these units are stylish and will add an element of luxury to your home. Furthermore, the sheer size of the window panels will flood any room with natural light, enhancing even further the essence of space which this style creates. 



This style of door utilises an advanced high security multi-point locking mechanism with additional hook latches which ensures that the security of your home is never compromised 




The use of toughened glass on these units ensures that security is never compromised and with the range of various glazing panel options also available, neither is style. 




Our door styles are all low maintenance. This is down to the high quality of materials and techniques used during the manufacturing process. 




This style of door comes supplied with high-security hardware which meets the requirements of PAS24 and BS 7412. A range of handle styles are also available to add to these units. 




This style of door comes in a variety of different colour choices with the further choice of a range of  window pane options. These range from the intricate and lavish to the more modest and subtle choices with full or half panel or fully glazed options also available. This variety of choice means that you can choose a style which will compliment the characteristics of your property perfectly. 


Weather Resistant 


With reinforced steel frames, this style of door will face even the toughest of the elements with absolute ease.