Flat Glass 


Wanting to put up a new mirror or need to replace the glass in a picture frame? At McLay Glass we also stock and supply various types of flat glass. This range includes items such as horticultural glass for green houses, mirrors, glass panes and textured glass too. We can cut this to what ever sizes you have so give our office a call and we would be more than happy to get you sorted with whatever you are looking for. 

Textured Glass


Textured glass is a fantastic product since it takes a basic building material and transforms it in to an item which can adds a sense of class and elegance to a room. Furthermore, since you can vary the level of opaqueness in the glass depending on the privacy required, you have the options to choose a style which is just right for the job you're working on.  Here are a few samples of the range of textured glass which we supply. Why not have a browse through the brochure to see the full range?